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My #1 Streamer
1 years ago

I'm tired of people saying they dislike Ela now because he's exclusively a worms streamer. HE CAN STREAM WHAT HE WANTS. Who cares if he plays a game you don't like. Who cares if he pretends to be Swedish. Who cares if he cheats in every game and every opportunity possible. I watch for the quality content a family friendly humour and that's why Elajjaz will always be my #1 streamer.

1 years ago

PepeHands my daughter was sent home from school early today PepeHands her teacher said she was caught cheating PepeHands she said if her favourite streamer elajjaz can cheat she can too PepeHands being a single father is so hard PepeHands

2 years ago

elaOP Clap Alaways Late elaOP Clap Never First Try elaOP Clap Need More Burgur elaOP Clap