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EE just stop
1 years ago

I can't take it anymore. The countless times EE has thrown and destroyed him items in name of GG and given up. I really don't mind it but stop using Izuku Midoriya as in game name as doing it puts this anime's character to shame. Yes, I am weebshit but I at least respect the anime. This character's Izuku Midoriya is learning to a hero even among greatest odd's and wants to do it with a smile. If you are ready to throw in the towel at even the smallest mistake then you need a break. Izuku Midoriya would never call it GG atleast he would try his best even at his darkest hour. I know its a anime and its scripted but I admire the "Never say Die" spirit of the character who is risking everything in every battle. Please put your name back to EE continue your throws. Smiley Face

1 years ago

what u think? EE is a total no life man, full love of anime stuff, just sit a whole day while drink a coke or energy drink until his stomach look like pregnant woman. And when he meet something he hate he will angry just like 7 yo does when u not give them a candy. I dunno why i feel sad looking at that guy, i mean really he has money, skill, but not a life. this guy has everything that needed to become the most amazing guy in the planet, money, skills, fans. but he choose to become himself now. I dunno its EE's life he do what he loves, even if its make him a loser

EE - It's hard.
2 years ago

It's hard. You have furion. It's hard. You have Mirana. You have to land an arrow. It's hard. Everything is so hard. But they, they're Russians, you know. They run at you, they're gonna see you, they're gonna go. And - it's hard.

3 years ago

i was born in the heart of Inuit Alaska, my mother raised my family using a knife called an 'ulu' to skin animals and build igloos. now i am banned from ee-sama stream for sharing my heritage.

EE meet a nice gurl
4 years ago

EE. when u break up with someone you should probably tell them why, else you end up the bad guy. I know u havent had a gf yet but in time u will meet a nice gurl and when u do, you cant abuse her like u have done aui2000 or PLD.u have been abused, i know loda hurt u. he broke ur heart. But you cant go around doing it to other gurls after u were scared

EE punishment
5 years ago

"Stop." commanded EternalErection, releasing Aui's Rod and striding over to Boner7. "I was just in the middle of punishing Aui for his lateness, and I'm afraid you are also very late." he said. EE grabbed Boner7 by the arm, leading him over to Aui, ignoring his stuttered protests.

ee x aui
5 years ago

Suddenly, EE lunged forward, faster than a 6.83 enchantress, kissing Aui. Aui let out a surprised "MMmphh", his lips sealed tight against the adventurous tongue of EternalErection. Despite his intentions, he felt himself kissing EternalErection back. EE licked the backs of Aui's teeth, claiming a gentle moan from Aui.

Ho Lee Fuk
5 years ago

Hello, my name is Ho Lee Fuk and I are from Chinaland. Father say I need become doctor and make her proud but i chose become doto player like EE-sama. Father not happy with choice and told commit sudoku but i know i make right choice. Sorry i no speak propeller engrish and Pls no copy pasterino dongerino frappuccino cappucino al pacino my story

i am eternalenvy
5 years ago

My Name is Jacky Mao Also Known as EternalEnvy and I am a creepy guy. Some evening I was walking home and saw Arteezy kiss a girl. She was crying for help. When the girl saw me she started to hide behind Arteezy back...