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9 months ago


9 months ago

I am aware of the functional parameters of what is currently transpiring and fully understand that streamer is not throwing but is in fact performing a trick so mind boggling to the common viewer that it can be viewed as such.

Nice Cavern
10 months ago

Hey goddammit, I'm sick of the cavern puns. How dare you keep saying Nice Cavern then Not Nice Cavern and Mean Cavern and Splice Cavern and Lice Cavern and Sheize Cavern and Mice Cavern and Dice Cavern and Rice Cavern and Zeiss Cavern and Guiss Cavern and Vice Cavern and AYAYA Cavern and Sheib Cavern and Cavern Cavern and Not Anywhere Near a Nice Cavern

Bomb Physics
10 months ago

Hey zfg, it's me, Nintendo. Bomb physics were simply introduced to add a realism to gameplay in order to immerse a gamer into the intense action packed adventure that is Ocarina of Time. The main intention was how enemies would behave and how a player would be moved with damage. Never in my life did I expect such an atrocity to occur where our precious bomb physics would be VIOLENTLY exploited by the likes of YOU and others to simply go fast in this master craftmanship of a game.

the ending of an actual fanfic
1 years ago

Link looked back up to ZFG and thanked him. "Without you, I would never have been able to defeat Voldemort!" ZFG looked impressed. Knowing full well how awesome he was. "How can I ever repay you?" Link asked shyly. "Well..." ZFG replied "I can think of one way" Then things got freaky deaky. Afterwards, link said "I knew you were a speedrunner, but I didn't think you would finish that fast!" Then they both laughed. THE END.

offensive cough
1 years ago

There's only so many times I'm going to listen to ZFG's fucking cough. Honestly, at this point, I'm over it. Seriously. It's disgusting, it's offensive to all 5 senses, and it's driving viewers away. ZFG's been bitching and moaning for a while now about his increasing irrelevancy. Hey, Earth to ZFG, it's your FUCKING cough that is making people lose interest. Sort your shit out and stop fucking coughing all over us.

cough explained
1 years ago

ZFG doesn't cough because he's sick, he coughs because he's actually an astral being that a warlock placed into a speedrunner's body. Whenever he coughs the being is trying to escape back to his astral dimension

poor gohma
1 years ago

Hey ZFG, this is Gohma, and who the fuck do you think you are? I just sit at the bottom of a massive tree, and you think you can just WESS up to my door and kill me. Recently you've even started using me to clip through my own door! I am extremely appalled by your actions. My life and my room are for me to control, not for you to use them to warp into Ganon's room. Please stop killing me, or I'll have to talk to my friend Volvagia again..

nothing has changed since 2012
1 years ago

ZFG packed a bag with his nintendo 64, OoT, and his lucky mashing spoon before setting out on his journey on his majestic steed, Epona (that's the name he gave to his bicycle.) He rode to the end of his driveway and fell over on his bike. "Oh my god." He said as he reset. This repeated for the next few hours because he wanted green splits for the beginning of his adventure.